5 Questions to Help You Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages

1. Does your image show your product in context?

When you’re in a pinch, buying stock images for your landing pages may seem like a good idea, but it’s unlikely that they’ll resonate with your target audience in a meaningful way.

Although the judges liked the overall design of iTeleCenter’s landing page, Peep thought the stock image felt dated and failed to communicate any information or value.

Your landing page’s hero shot should always show context of use

To show give more context, Peep suggested using images of real people using your products and service. Showing context of use helps increase the clarity and persuasiveness of your offer.

Similarly, Oli found that My Pension Choices’ hero shot conjured up thoughts of dry-cleaning and laundry more than customized pension planning – which hurt the page’s clarity:

At a glance, this image doesn’t seem to have anything to do with pensions.

When you’re selecting an image for your landing page, ask yourself: Does it communicate the specifics of my offer?

Bonus tip:
Michael explained that a good test for determining if you have the right images on your landing page is to remove the copy and ask yourself, “Can I still understand what my landing page is about without the text?”

If you can’t, you may need to revisit your images and select one that thoroughly conveys your value proposition.