New Jekyll Blog on Azure

I’ve left WordPress. Finally.

WordPress isn’t bad. In fact for most people I think WordPress or Medium are probably the right choice – but for about 18 months I’ve wanted to move to a solution where I hosted my content on GitHub and then published it from there.

Why ? (the original reasons from 18 months ago)

  • I love writing in MarkDown. I want to write more blogs and in order to write more – I need to enjoy doing it.
  • I wanted the content without HTML formatting. This allows me to do more with it.
  • I wanted to be able to collaborate with my blog content. I want other people to be able to make corrections / update / contribute to my content. If you want to make a change or an addition – feel free to make a pull request.
  • I wanted to own all my content in a portable format. I use a little Jekyll syntax, but most of the content on the site is written in pure, portable markdown

Why? (the driving reasons that made me finally do it)

  • I like having some ‘real’ projects to maintain
  • I wanted to be able to easily edit content offline
  • I wanted a project to use for Azure demos around topics like DevOps, containers and Azure FrontDoor

Why not ? (Reasons this approach is silly for most people)

  • You are maintaing code and investing time in something that someone else will do for (Almost) free

Other Solutions that I considered

Hosted Services


If you just want to elegantly write content Medium is clean and awesome. This is a great option.

Hosted WordPress is where I hosted my blog for the last 7 years. I set it up, and it just ran. I paid about $5/month to remove the adds and have a custom domain. It supports a huge ecosystem of plugins and functionality. For most developers this is probably my recommended solution. Official hosted wordpress – Alternative hosted WordPress (My friend Jason has used this for years and loves it)

Hosted Ghost

Ghost is where all the cool kids were at. If hosted Ghost were not 6x more expensive that WordPress, everyone would use this. This article from Troy Hunt is a great summary of why it’s the best choice if you are happy to pay the money.

Self Hosted Services

Self Hosted WordPress

Don’t do it.
If you are going to do it yourself – Host Ghost

Self Hosted Ghost

Watch this space for more on running Ghost images on Azure.

Resources and Thanks

I got the idea for this method from the old version of the Azure Docs which used Jekyll. I created this project from scratch because the old docs used very outdated versions of dependencies like Jekyll and Bootstrap but I have taken the page templates and a few scripts from their repo… so big thanks to the team who put it together !!!