The Agile Olympics – it’ll be Scrumtacular

It’s no secret that I love Scrum. I’m a certified trainer and delight in teaching courses across the country. We follow Scrum at SSW – not just the developers, but the graphic design, marketing, and multi-media teams as well. I even use it at home with my family and for my kids’ soccer team.

Figure: I think Scrum can be used for more than just software development

That’s why I’m so excited about this month’s Sydney .NET user group…

The Agile Olympics!

The Agile Olympics
Figure: This will be no ordinary user group!

This fun, interactive session will be led by my fellow trainer, Jesse Houwing, Gerard Beckerleg, and myself. Jesse is from the Netherlands and he is also an ALM MVP, ALM Ranger and one of the best Agile Consultants I know.

Come and learn as you play games that illustrate Scrum principles. Be warned: this involves high audience participation so you might want to take your blood pressure tablets before coming.

The games will include:

So come along on Wednesday, February 18 at 6pm and join us for free! Learn more about Scrum in a fun way, and then enjoy some pizzas and a chat with your fellow devs at The Oaks.

I’ll see you there!

For more information, or to register, head on over to the user group event page.

< First posted on Adam Cogan’s Blog on Feb 11 2015 >